Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Workshop in the Garden

At the back of our garden there is a workshop that was built by v.  He built it out of materials salvaged from our little Victorian during its renovation several years ago.  Except for the roof and the central beam he did all of the work himself.  Our wonderful carpenter and friend, Hans, put the beam in place as a surprise birthday gift to v.   I am still amazed that one man could heft into place a 23 foot, 4 by 10 inch beam, 15 feet off the ground without any help. Amazed.  

Under Construction

His workshop is full of natural light. Six of the seven windows came out of the old house. The seventh window is a portion of a broken stained glass window he found.  Every skill v uses in his carpentry or woodworking is self taught.  His adoptive parents had different plans for him and the school he attended didn't have "shop" classes.  He feels he is slow and that there may be easier ways of accomplishing some of the things he does.  What he does is beautiful work for the benefit of our home, our lives, and our friends.

In bocca al lupo. m & v


  1. Show the gate! It's beautiful...

    1. I will, in a future post. Thanks for reminding me, v will be pleased. m