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Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Dog Spot!

My Dog Spot Photography is born!  The web site is up and running.  I'm excited and curious and scared.  I am learning so much and isn't that what makes life really fun?  The style of photo I create is with a white background although certain props can be optional.  Family members can be included in a few of the shots as well. We've had fun adding a couple of "extra legs" to a photo.  As time and interest go on I will be trying out different styles, so stay tuned.

Public debut will be at the Holiday Craft Fair at the Monterey Bay Aquarium this Sunday (7-9:30pm if you're a local).  10% of my proceeds will be donated to the educational fund established in v's name at the aquarium.  

Other vendors will be donating 10% to an educational scholarship being set up by the aquarium itself.  Since 1985 the aquarium has hosted school groups with students 18 years and younger at no charge to the students. 

Please wish me luck!

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Monday, November 10, 2014

My Family and Home Life

I've spent a few days working on the upcoming My Dog Spot Photography web site.  I have such a headache!  I am amazed at all the new things I need to learn and even more amazed that I learn any of it.  What is the best of all that comes out of this is the amount of support I'm getting from my friends and associates.

So much has happened in my life since I decided on the title of this blog, or more to the point, the sub-title of this blog: a home and family life, and not necessarily blood ties.  It's good I added that.  At the time it was because v and I had such a small family: we were the two of us and r, his beautiful daughter, in Portland, Oregon.  Now it is just r and I and that extended family of non-blood ties.  Home life is me and my two cats and the succession of possums that come by in the evening for a small snack in reward for keeping the garden organic and snail free.

Home life is my circle of friends; a friend who would come by a few evenings a week to help break the new and crushing silence that had become so rare in this house since v moved in those years ago. With her help I've eased into the rhythm of my own movement and the sound of my thoughts.  It is my kind and thoughtful neighbor dropping by to see how I am and to share his own small business adventures and woes (please remember Fog's End Distillery's Monterey Rye and California Moonshine!). Another neighbor who has taken the time to attend to my apple trees. It is the daily emails with the reconnected life-long friend now in Georgia, the morning texts from my oldest friend still in Southern California, and the wonderful letters from a dear, dear friend in Pennsylvania who also lost her husband way too early--another gentle, loving, and passionate Italian... lucky us! My weekly connection to the aquarium and my new, but no less dear friends, who have become a part of that non-blood family. Home life is my two cats, one sweet and one crabby (there always has to be a balance).

And now home life is about re-inventing myself and trying to succeed with a new endeavor.  Fingers crossed!

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Friday, November 7, 2014

Into the Unknown!

Big breath and deep sigh...I'm starting a small business: pet photography.  

I figured there are any number of wedding and portrait photographers around.  I have sent the card designs to the printer.  I have my contact info blurred because I haven't quite gone live just yet and most of you who drop in aren't exactly local, though if I'm ever heading back to Europe I will make an announcement.  (And for those of you in Russia, v would have loved practicing his language skills with you!)

Once I have the website up and running I'll publish the address.  I will keep this site in the loop as far as any successes I may have.  I am nail-bitingly nervous. v was the impresario and had all the courage and hutzpah.  He was a born salesman though his heart was in wood working and his vocation was teaching.

So, I'm soon to launch in a quiet, modest way.  Fingers crossed!

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Sunday, November 2, 2014


Another one of the projects I've been up to lately. These are shopping bags, or totes if you will. They are made of laminated cotton, are extremely lightweight, and can fold up and be tucked in a purse or pocket.  Easy to keep in the map pocket of the driver's door in the car.  There is a three inch pleat on each side making them expandable for groceries or several items of new clothes.  They can carry a lot of weight. I've recently toted home two half gallons of milk in glass bottles along with four glass bottles of root beer (brewed locally I might add), in a single bag along with a loaf of bread and a few vegetables.  I happened to only have had one bag with me at the time.  They are washable.  They make nice gift bags too.

I make them in several ocean related prints (the one at top I consider "beach umbrellas").

Each and every one is designed and made by me.  They'll be on sale at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Craft Fair on November 16.

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