Thursday, May 9, 2013

Another Spring in the Garden

I headed out after breakfast to v's workshop to try to photograph the birds outside his window. Well, of course, today they saw me!  Any other time I can press my nose to the glass and dozens of birds will descend on this feeder and never notice me.  

However, it was time to share what the garden looks like this year.  It has been neglected, but sallies forth without my assistance anyway.

Look at the apricots!  Last year there were a total of two!  A late frost had taken the blossoms.  This year there should be bushels, as long as our neighbor doesn't reach over the fence with his long handle picker and clean me out again.  V watches closely.

Another guardian of the garden, Fortuna.  She never complains that the weeds are getting tall.  She is forever hopeful that one of the birds will alight amongst the blades.  Sadly, this does happen on a rare occasion.

This one is called Honey Scent and makes such a beautiful bouquet for the kitchen table.

I'm letting the nasturtiums clambor up the back steps as long as I can weave long strands between the posts.

I shall end here with the optimist awaiting her prey.  Of course, I don't wish her any luck...she has plenty.

In bocca al lupo.  m & v


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    1. Thank you, though I feel the temperature may be a little too cool. m:)