Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Musings on Time and Energy

This is one of those years that just flies by without giving one the chance to catch a breath! Here we are in July already!  v has endured ten months of weekly, at times daily, chemotherapy and despite being mightily beat up in the process he has only shown improvement in his condition.  He is gaining weight and has ever-increasing energy.  He rarely lets his enthusiasm and happy experience of life wane.  I have never known anyone who has gone through this experience without frequent bouts of depression and fear. He is fearless.  Again, I doubt we'd come through all of this without such loving and devoted friends.  Our energies are focused on his well-being.  Sometimes trying to focus outside of that takes more energy than we can spare.  Our garden is an example of what has been neglected during this process.  We are relying on our local farmers' markets to supply us with the sweet, fresh vegetables that we normally have coming from just outside the kitchen door.  I'm sad about that, but just can't push myself out there to dig and pull...as much as those activities have been such a joyful escape in the past for me.

It isn't all v's cancer that is pulling at our energies.  I've returned to school, albeit part time.  We also have a design project that we spend many hours on and are hoping to soon have in production.  Until that time, we aren't leaking any more info on that subject.

July! Summer!  How did that happen so soon?

In bocca al lupo.  m & v

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