Friday, April 11, 2014

Loves Lost

How I'd love to say I'm just back from Paris, but I'm afraid this shot is a few years old and it's film.  I'd bought the film in a hurry and wasn't aware that it was black and white until after I got home.  Serendipity!  

My French is very  limited.  I can greet proprietors with the proper time of day, bon jour or bon soir, I can order an espresso (or double if extravagant), and I can buy ten tickets for a screaming ride on the Metro. And, of course, I can say thank you and a form of "your welcome".

I found Paris by accident since I'd never in my life ever had any desire to go there until a friend asked me to join her on a trip.  Well, I fell in love. Every break I had for the following year and a half I was in Paris wandering, drinking espresso, experiencing the seasons, falling in love with the people who were incredibly patient and kind.  I was something of a mute sister. 

The last trip I'd planned for Paris would have been in October of '05, but something extraordinary happened that took me away from that place where I may well have remained...I met v, and I married him, and I never looked back 'til that it is all looking back...Paris would understand.

In bocca al lupo.  m (no v)

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