Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Garden Life

Outside in the garden I have so many visitors and, well, residents.  There has been this one-eyed, young cat I call Mimi.  Eight weeks ago she had two kittens.  I'm watching them all closely and when the time comes the three of them will be gathered and chauffered to the SPCA to be spayed and then brought back to the garden.  They have been living, at my invitation, in my studio. It's working out very well as they keep the rodent population at bay.
Looking back I'm realizing the last kittens I've seen around here were Emily and her sister nearly 18 years ago.  Growing up there were always kittens everywhere.  Generally there'd be young children sitting with a box at the entrance to the grocery stores with a note tacked to the side of the box announcing "Free to good home".  Sometimes there was even the inclusion of food.  I'm having a blast watching the two kittens growing and playing and being cared for so well by their mother.

In bocca al lupo. m

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