Thursday, May 31, 2012

That time of the month

It's time to pay the bills.  

At the suggestion from a friend I began keeping a ledger of my bills almost from the beginning of my independence. I find it not only keeps me organized but I can, at a glance, see the tough times and the boom times.  We freely admit that we are in a trough of trying times at the moment but when I peruse my ledger I can see when I was in desperate times.  It helps to keep things in perspective.  
This is better than a diary.  I could go back even further, but my dog ate my first ledger.  I was lucky to find another just like it.  With the advent of our on-line lives these books just don't seem to be readily available.  I am an on-line bill paying devotee. However, it is so much faster to open this book to locate any transaction with date and amount, no ID, password, or security question.  No downtime, except when the dog ate the book.  What was my monthly outlay fifteen years ago? Easy, reassuring, and a reminder that tough times get better and better times don't always last.

The book keeper's reward. Parker Lusseau Bakery in Monterey is located in one of the famous old adobes. It's so tiny there are only three little tables inside, more outside on the porch and along the side.

They make the most amazing soups and always offer a selection of two which is perfect for us. No need to decide as we just order one of each and share a taste or two.
Parker Lusseau is an environmentally responsible bakery/cafe.  The plate, bowl, napkin, and even the utensils are compostable.  We pack our plate and utensils home to our compost bin.

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  1. Wonderful. You are really getting the hang of this!