Saturday, June 2, 2012

Opening Night

Opening night last night! V is in the cast. Very good show, everyone was right on character.  The set was a gem by David Parker.  I love sets. Makes me want to get back on stage as well. Community Theater is such a great thing to be involved in. Great people. I waited way too long to get involved. I always thought I'd be too shy. I was sure I could never remember lines and that I'd freeze when I was in front of an audience. Oh my! Far from it. That's what rehearsals are for.

Rehearsals are a grind. Six weeks of what can frequently be termed tedium but, they're six weeks you miss once they've passed. You work so closely with people and put so much of yourself out there.  A good cast is magic.  We met during rehearsals for the musical Zorba!. Whenever we meet a fellow cast member from that show it's like meeting with family, we all had such a strong connection.  And the theater family just keeps getting bigger. So many wonderful people.  m

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