Monday, June 18, 2012

Fast Food

Economizing in style is how we characterize a new favorite meal we came up with this spring.  Simplicity itself. There aren't even any measurements.  These are the ingredients:

Pine nuts, at least a tablespoonful, toasted or not (optional, I frequently forget to add them)
Fresh sage leaves, at least eight good sized ones, tear out the stems and chop or tear the leaves into 1/2" pieces
Garlic, as much or as little as you like, chopped coarsely
Olive oil
Pasta. I use Trader Joe's organic spaghetti
Parmesan Cheese, grated

First prepare the pasta. 
If you are using pine nuts and want to toast them, heat your skillet and then toss them in until they begin to color. Set aside. 
Melt butter and heat olive oil in the skillet. Toss in the garlic and coat in the oils until it becomes blond.  Toss in the sage leaves and stir until well coated. Remove from heat. Add the pine nuts and shred parmesan cheese into skillet to taste.  Add the cooked pasta and turn until glistening and the sauce is well distributed.
Serve with additional parmesan on the side, a fresh green garden salad, crusty bread and a light white wine.
This is the most fragrant of dishes and takes only a few seconds longer than it takes to cook the pasta. It is so packed with wonderful flavor we've been having it once a week. Sage is easy to grow I have it right at the bottom of the kitchen steps. It's pretty when it flowers but the flavor of the leaves is altered then, so keep a portion trimmed so as not to allow flowering.
In bocca al lupo. m & v

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  1. You're inspiring me to plant some sage just so I can do this recipe, sans garlic, you know me.