Monday, June 11, 2012

Tending Gardens

We're having some very warm weather for June. It's great for getting out early into the garden to get some things done before the sun is too high. This spring we are being serenaded sunrise and sunset by a Mockingbird.  He sings the most beautiful notes I've heard in years. We have feeders and water for the birds around the garden.  This year I've notice they are repaying, not only with song, but they've been picking bugs off some of the flowering plants.

It has been uncommonly warm these past few days with a promise of more.

The best thing to do right now is keep the garden watered and mulched. I triple sifted the compost v turned yesterday and spread it thickly under the tomatoes and along the rows of corn and pumpkins. I've just planted one of my favorite tomato varieties: Yellow Pear. It's like candy. I have it near one of my favorite herbs, tarragon. I have both close to the kitchen, though the garden is small enough that most everything is considered pretty close to the kitchen.  

We have a friend who is a chef.  When he comes to dinner he cooks for us!  He heads out to the garden to select the herbs and whatever vegetables we have in season. I learn so much every time he comes, and I find I tend my herbs with ever so much more care in anticipation of his, and his wife's next visit.

In bocca al lupo. m


  1. Oh, nice! I didn't know you'd done this! I particularly like the photo of the mockingbird. Good job!