Friday, June 15, 2012

Pickled Beets

Pickled beets today.
Utensils at the ready.
Thirty minutes in the canning kettle.
Sitting pretty until packed in a basket for a picnic or a Christmas gift.

V has a show tonight and I'll be there.  In bocca al lupo.  m


  1. Yum! Nothing like a full larder to create a feeling of well-being. // I noticed on your profile that you didn't mention your kitties as one of your interests...m-e

  2. Jeez, these "prove you're not a robot" graphics are really hard to figure out. Sometimes I have to do more than one because the first one was simply indecipherable. Am I the only one who has trouble with this? m-e

    1. They are sometimes pretty distorted and, oddly enough, I think they're created by a "robot", hmmm?