Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Golden Evening

This is Sunday evening with my knitting.  V is home from the theater, dinner is past and we've had a walk in the park enjoying the oaks and the sycamores that dot the hillsides all around the Central Coast.  The sun was golden and it was almost warm.

In the garden we have peas podding and the starts of some beautiful beefsteak  and San Marzano tomatoes. There are still some thick spears of asparagus waiting to be cut tomorrow morning.  Pumpkins and corn have begun to sprout and the onions are forming their bulbs. We have a riot of flowers and the promise of more to come. There is an entire stand of sunflowers that appeared on their own exactly where, and how, I would have placed them, though I would have only just been planting them (now I know that March wouldn't be too soon!).  

So, a quiet evening knitting, listening to the radio, enjoying each other's company.  Such a good life we have. In bocca al lupo.

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