Monday, September 30, 2013

CT Scan Monday

Missed Sunday, ah know, it was the last day of baseball season for our favorites, the San Francisco Giants, so that took priority.

Today was CT scan and then breakfast on the wharf to add a little cheer to this otherwise dismal start to Monday and the week.  We are hoping that the latest symptoms will turn out to be lactose intolerance, which they actually seem to be.

Wednesday will be the start of another round of three weeks, then another break, then another round of three.  That will bring us up to exactly one year since the chemo started, October 23.  He is still not complaining, except for when IV's don't get started smoothly, or blood draws are clumsy.  The nurses at the "chemo lounge" couldn't be more kind, efficient, and knowledgeable. They take away a lot of what would be the fear.

We're so thankful that his discomfort hasn't been worse than it's been and that v can still be active. He's even been able to substitute teach. But, his energy isn't nearly what it was and this grieves him, I know.

In bocca al lupo.  m & v

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