Friday, September 13, 2013


First light of morning and the blissful cup of coffee. The lamp was a vase about one hundred years ago.  A wedding present to my Great-Aunt Anne.  It's been a lamp all of my life, I'm so glad that whatever damaged this beautiful vase didn't destroy it.

When v and I met we were doing a play "Zorba!".  During one of the rehearsals he called me over to say he had something "to show me".  He pulled a chain out from under his shirt and showed me his little Ganesh pendant that a friend had brought him from India.  I'd been wearing mine for a couple of years, but it was far more local.  Fate, I suppose, eh?

When I was in nursery school I wore cowboy boots.  I was planning on growing up to be the Princess of Texas (I was three, and with Texas, who knows anyway?).  During one of our juice breaks I was approached by a little boy who proudly showed me he had the same cowboy boots. My first boyfriend, Burt. Those were my last pair of cowboy boots, I have no idea if Burt continued on with that particular fashion statement, I dropped out of pre-school and never saw him again.

In bocca al lupo.  m & v

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