Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our Friends

v's shop has stood, since he completed the construction, at the back of the garden with a primer coat sadly waiting for some color to be applied.  But, unfortunately, v has been battling one cancer after another since that summer four years ago.  Thankfully, he's had good use of his shop but, for one reason or another, it just never got painted.  This Christmas we decided it would be a nice present to both of us to finally do the deed.  We thought, maybe, I could manage with his coaching.  However, on the day we had scheduled ourselves to get started, our friends, a couple from the nearby village of Spreckles, came by and got down to business!  Within a short time the body color had been applied right up to the worrying peak of the building!  The following day we were even more delightfully surprised when we came home from our shift at the Monterey Bay Aquarium to find that the trim had been painted, and there are several windows!  I can at least say that I painted the door.  From a distance, that looks like a pretty good job, too.  Up close it looks more like a talented pre-schooler got loose with a red crayon.  What I really, really appreciate (aside from the energy derived from all the color) is that those two are so good that even the paint brushes, buckets, and drop cloth were all cleaned and stowed neatly away!  What a gift!  

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