Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Rush at the End of the Year!

It's really late, I know, but I just put in the garlic.  More of a token planting than anything really substantial. I just had to get them in before the winter solstice so they'll be ready by summer solstice.  We shall see.

I'm also working in our workshop trying to figure out what to have for our friends this Christmas.  No matter how many months we ponder and urge ourselves to get going on the planning, it always boils down to the last week, with distant friends knowing that gifts will be "off-season".  Oh why do we feel locked into this gift giving only at one time of the year??? Not everyone, of course, but my oh my it's like a freight train is barreling down on us. v laughed when I told him I used to start in June getting ready for Christmas.  He's finally understanding why.  So, we do have some things tucked aside to fill packages with. It's just that the season being upon us throws so much more inspiration our way.  It's hard to imagine bright packages of red, green, gold, and silver under a sparkly tree when your watching for whales across the bay in July, really.

Happily, however, the shop is painted its bright and cheerful colors.  That's one package already wrapped.

Oh! and another, surprise, gift!  My photo of v on the trail in Elkhorn Slough was chosen to be featured in their 2014 calendar!  My first published image! (that I know of)

We are September!

In bocca al lupo.  m & v

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