Saturday, January 4, 2014

Another Blow

The latest on v is not so good. He's been suffering a lot of severe back pain that was thought to be sciatica.  As it turns out with his latest CT scan, it's from a new tumor next to his spine which is affecting the adjacent vertebra.  He'll be starting radiation treatments on Thursday and his chemotherapy is on hold for now.  

We just find ourselves so thankful that we have each other and that we have such dear and loving friends.  Good people sustain us.

In bocca al lupo. m & v  


  1. We're holding you in our hearts until you are back on shift with us again. Love and hugs to you both-

    1. OMGosh! Steph! Thank you. Your caring and concern have touched us both. We want nothing more than to be back there with all of you and the fish and their buddies. m