Thursday, January 23, 2014

Each Day...

It's up and down around here.

Yesterday was such a good day. v awoke smiling and wanted to go for a ride. After lunch, when he still felt like getting out, we set out.  Now it's the three of us;  him, me, and the oxygen tank (portable).  We drive a New Beetle, so the portable tank almost needs a child's seat in the back. We belt it in and take off for points known.

Yesterday it was spotting a whale just off shore in Pacific Grove (bay side), watching people running along the recreation path, and stopping to pick up some really good clam chowder at Vivolo's on Central. Such tender clams...

Such a magical place to live.  We can pull to the side of the road and watch giants only a few feet away breathing the same air that we breath.  Watching the surface of the water and imagining what passes beneath. Oh, we saw one of the other giants too, the Elephant Seal who hangs with the Harbor Seals at Hopkin's Cove.  He's grown!

 Home feels good too.

In bocca al lupo.  m & v

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