Monday, October 29, 2012


Have I said this before?  This is just the best time of year here on the Central Coast. The sunlight is intense, the air is clear and warm, and there is just the feeling of well being in the air around us.  The trees are just beginning to turn.  The evenings are just hinting at chill and the breezes pleasantly stir the leaves and wind chimes, with just a frisson of mystery.

v is into his first week of his first round of chemo.  He is getting so thin, but he remains strong and positive.  He looks very good for a man who is so thin.  Thankfully he is eating and he rests well.  The hardest part, at the moment, is for him to accept that he is ill and that it limits him.  

We have such loving and supportive friends.  There isn't a day that goes by that we feel we are alone.  They drop by, they email, they text, and they phone.  I come from a small family. My parents didn't socialize very much.  I've learned so much from my friends and neighbors about how large a small gesture is. 

And the Giants won the World Series! 

In bocca al lupo.  m & v


  1. I like autumn, too, especially when we get a few days of summmer thrown into the season. Love the light, it makes everything clear and fine edged. Feed that handsome man some of your Super Custard - or is it too "hot"? Seemed to work the last time... Much love, m-e

    1. I'm not worrying so much about "hot or cool" anymore, just eating. Super Custard is in the fridge. We love you too! m & v :)