Saturday, January 5, 2013

Getting on with the New Year

Back to the routine day to day.  Tomorrow is the day we traditionally take down our decorations and store them until next year.  Resolutions? We don't generally make any formal ones.  Keep up cooking more meals at home, try a new recipe at least once a we--, well once a month, put weight on v, take weight off of m, etc., etc., etc... Ah! Don't let the produce go all squishy.  We don't actually consider it going to waste since we compost, but it'd be nice for us to reap the benefits first.  Last year we got much better.  A lot has to do with hitting more Farmers' Markets because we are so inspired by the bounty we behold.

This year's Gathering on New Year's Day was a success with even more people crowding around our kitchen table for black-eyed-peas.  It was our fourth annual gathering of dear friends.  Like so many of these events, it started small, just another couple joining us. We now look forward to it as much as Christmas.  Black-eyed-peas for prosperity! Spread the wealth!

Our wish for everyone this year (beyond you two who read this) is for consideration: for all of us to be considerate of our loved ones and our friends, for the people who provide service to us and the people we pass on the street.  Abolish rudeness.  Callous behavior is not cool, or clever.  It is corrosive.  Well, there you have it; perhaps not a resolution, but a New Year's wish. 

In bocca al lupo. m & v


  1. As one of the two, I thought that was a lovely sentiment! I'm sure you must have more readers...they are just keeping silent. Perhaps they are shy.
    A very happy new year to you and v.