Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Path Around Carmel

We took a walk around Carmel Bay. One can either walk along on the sand or the path above the beach.  We chose the path.  It was windy and cold.   Although we didn't see any surfers we saw tidepoolers and this fisherman.  I missed a shot when he pulled his catch out of the waves, but he obligingly cast off again.

The walk around the bay takes you from the crashing surf all the way around to a more protected beach at the mouth of the Carmel River.  Further along you leave the ocean behind as you walk toward the Carmel Mission.  Along that portion of the walk are the marshes.  All the while one is circling the village of Carmel which is only the turn of the head away.

An invigorating yet peaceful walk.

In bocca al lupo. m & v


  1. Oh, yay, more gorgeous pics. This is great: foreground, middle ground, background, and way background. And the colors are soft and gentle but vivid, not insipid. I wonder if you should post some sort of legal notice declaring ownership of your photographs? I swear, someone's going to use them for a calendar, notecard, etc. m-e

    1. You are so nice! I do have my © on the blog and sometimes I embed the notice on my pics themselves. At the moment it's the best I can do. I don't want them hijacked, but wouldn't that be something if I saw one of my shots on a calendar, or greeting card! m