Monday, January 14, 2013

Round Five

Another update on v. Today he began round five of his chemotherapy.  He is tolerating it beautifully.  No upset stomach and no more fatigue.  He takes his oral chemo twice a day for two weeks, in addition to the infusion every three weeks.  It may be that I am now more traumatized by the start of each cycle than he is.  As he puts it, he is going through a process.  I just see the poison he is having to accept and ingest.  

How is he?  He is putting on weight, he is full of energy, and his lab work is outstanding.  He is no longer anemic and it has been several weeks since his last iron infusion.  That has stabilized.  As always we continue to remain optimistic that v will ultimately go into remission (sooner than later, he feels).  We have an enormous amount of support from coast to coast and even internationally.  

After his infusions we took a short walk downtown in Monterey then took in a matinee of Zero Dark Thirty.  We enjoyed that.  It was very well done.  This evening we are relaxing and listening to the radio. m-e came by with lemon meringue pie so, tonight, dessert was first.  Simple pleasures and life remains sweet.

In bocca al lupo.  m & v

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