Friday, February 15, 2013

More from our sunrise outing

A few more shots from our sunrise photo expedition the other day. At v's urging I have begun taking courses in photography.  As a way to document my progress I've begun another blog strictly devoted to my photography and the lessons I'm learning. We call it Biondography.  If you would like to follow along and see some beautiful photos click on the link on the side panel where we have our links. Sometimes the photos appear in both, but I try to make it unique.  The blog itself has a completely different look.  We bestowed the posthumous honor to 100-year-old Agatha of being the background of the title .

Returning to our sunrise (and nearly freezing) jaunt. We passed through the fields of Salinas where even in February they are in nearly full production.  It was 34 degrees.  This must be lettuce that is sprouting all along the rows.  Of course, they plant plugs.  

A stack of pallets along the harbor side in Moss Landing.  As a teenager my friends and I would gather as many pallets as we could find and stuff them into whatever vehicle we had.  We'd take them to the local beach, which was Huntington Beach in Southern California, and we'd make a bonfire in the fire rings set into the sand along the length of the beach.  This was an absolute must on Labor Day weekend just before school started again.  v never enjoyed a bonfire with his high school friends.  His adoptive parents sent him to a private boarding school in Northern Connecticut not very close to the ocean.  Too bad, I say.

In boca al lupo.  m & v

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