Saturday, February 2, 2013

Slough Walk

We went for a walk at the Elkhorn Slough on Thursday.  It is such a beautiful and important environment. For decades it had been drained for use as farmland, but it is now being restored.  It is hugely important as a habitat for migrating birds, for fish, sea otters, and the mud dwelling invertabrates.  It is very important for flood control as well.  Visit for more information.

There are numerous trails to choose from. We chose to take the lagoon trail.  It was around 2.5 miles. There are longer and shorter routes and we're hoping to take them all.  v has been doing so well since starting his chemo fifteen weeks ago. He'll be starting round six shortly.  We remain optimistic.

The lagoon trail was the best for viewing the birds we were assured. On our tour there weren't numerous birds, but there was a beautiful snowy egret busily grubbing a meal and I love seeing ducks in a row.

What a truly peaceful way to spend a morning or an afternoon.

In bocca al lupo.  m & v


  1. Yes, if there were a book of your photographs, I would buy it. Hum, I wonder if you could create a custom made "book" of choices for folks who have been following your work? Nothing really fancy, or maybe folks could rent photographs from you for a couple of months at a time, maybe a yearly subscription which would give subscribers a certain number of pics for a specified time...? m-e

    1. Well that is a wonderful complement, thank you. Someday I might just compile one to see what interest it might generate. m & v

  2. Hello m & v...

    Great to see you both today at MBA... Gosh I never knew that you 2 led such exciting lives the rest of the week! Sounds like u keep very busy. I feel privileged to work with you both. M, you truly are a talented photographer and writer. You are both an inspiration to the rest of us.


    1. Thank you. You make us feel very special. We are both very happy to work with you, and the others on our shift. You have always made us feel very welcomed. I appreciate your encouragement. m:)