Thursday, March 21, 2013

Knitting Break

I've had a long hiatus from knitting.  Recently, however, I felt a couple of small projects wouldn't break the bank. So I started a hat for v (just in case). The yarn is such a vibrant red which he chose, to my delight, and the wool is so very soft and comforting just to knit.

This is a little project for me. I've wanted to try this pattern for a long time (from Madder at Swatch Diaries--see link).  The yarn is from Quince & Co.  It is American wool from this little American company in Maine (also see link).

Then, out of the blue, I received an email telling me that our local yarn shop has been sold and the owner is liquidating stock at really terrific discounts so....

v is getting a new cardigan from some sumptuous wool from Uruguay: Manos del Uruguay.

Just to let you know how the weather is here on the Central Coast.  As I  looked through all the gorgeous skeins of yarn to choose from I kept saying this, or that, would make a wonderfully warm sweater for the summer.  Where I come from, honey, that would be unheard of!  But here, it feels like July is far colder than February sometimes with our wet, dark fogs that roll in for days on end.

I'll be having some more shots from our recent get away soon, but I just had to take a knitting break.

In bocca al lupo.  m & v


  1. Such beautiful, vibrant photos! Your projects look like such a lovely combination of lush and cozy. Good luck with all of them!

    1. Oh thank you. Knitting is my personal meditation. m:)