Monday, November 5, 2012

Crisis/Crisis Passed

We're feeling a little blurry today.  After a tough evening of suffering through some of the occasional side effects of the chemo we had a crisis in the middle of the night necessitating a visit to the emergency room.  Thankfully, v was fine and required no intervention other than a check by the doctor and a couple of prescriptions upon leaving.  

Today he is happily reading his New York Times and awaiting the arrival of our neighbor for their annual discussion on election topics.  He is also very happily visiting with his daughter who lives out of state and is here for a visit.  We do not see her very often and this is such a joy for him to see his beautiful daughter.  I suppose she will have to be r in keeping with our style of incognito.  We're afraid she didn't get the best of welcomes as he was barely present last evening, but she does, certainly, appreciate what his battle looks like.  We really didn't mean to be quite so dramatic and hopefully the rest of her visit will be uneventful.  

Tomorrow v begins his one week break from the chemo. We mean to make the best of it!

In bocca al lupo. m & v


  1. By the way, I heard someone talking on NPR about the prevalence of light at night, in our bedrooms, leaking in from the street, glowing from our radio clocks, etc., and how it keeps us from getting the deep, restful sleep that we need. I've started using an eye mask, when I remember, and it's soothing. Helps me to get to sleep more quickly than usual and gives me a sense of being comforted... love, m-e

    1. You are right! When I moved to the country I had difficulty sleeping due to the absolute dark, then back to city and suddenly so much light! I don't keep a clock or any continuous light source in the bedroom (we never know what time it is), but light comes in through the windows quite a bit. Thanks for the sleep mask reminder, I may make us a couple. m<3