Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Morning

Saturday morning by the parlor window.  Sometimes watching the birds in the feeder is enough, you know?  We run around all week long, shopping, school, work, doctor's appointments, preparing meals, washing up, tidying, entertaining, visiting...and sometimes just sitting with my cup of coffee and watching the birds is enough.

Later we have friends coming over for chili.  We will discuss the holidays and the plans we all have.  We'll make arrangements for helping us with some of the decorating duties that are v's but he isn't up to this year, like climbing the tall ladder to hang the garland that wraps the upper portion of this small, but tall, Victorian house.  We have been perfecting this particular decoration every year, adding ribbons, and giant pinecones, a little glitter, and greenery.  No lights.  This is strictly for the pedestrians that pass our house daily on their way to their work for the city, the county, or the post office, or maybe even the kids on their way to the high school. Sometimes the sidewalk is almost as busy as the bird feeder.

We are looking forward to v's break, next week, from the chemo.  He's stronger this time around.  Last night we took in a movie: Lincoln with Daniel Day-Lewis.  If you see nothing else this year, see this.  We really don't get out to movies very often.  For the past three or four years we've seen maybe six films.  Oddly enough, every year we've managed to see the film that wins Best Picture at the Academy Awards, so...Lincoln?  We will see a couple of others over this holiday season.  I am a devout Hitchcock fan and am looking forward to seeing Hitchcock.

So see?  Sitting around Saturday morning musing over my coffee cup and writing this little note to let you know what is happening at one little house on the Central Coast of California.  Well, ah well...I really have a lot to do and the birds have left the feeder....

In bocca al lupo.  m & v

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  1. Such a lovely post, and such beautiful photos, as usual.