Sunday, November 18, 2012

Walking through the Fall Garden

Things are beginning to slow down in the garden.  I was going to say this is the quiet time, but it's not quiet out there.  We still have tomatoes coming along and since we've had such a warm autumn the leaves are only just beginning to change.

I'm waiting for that burst of bright yellow I love from the Ginko trees, but they are still brightly green, though the beech leaves are just beginning to change toward their fall coppery brown.

This year we aren't spending as much time putting the garden to bed.  It's being allowed to do as it pleases for the time being.  Spiders have been spinning their webs between trees, fences, and various neglected ornaments.

The angle and intensity of the sun give the impression of warmth, but the air is becoming crisp.  Directly in the glow there is a temporary warmth.  For a few minutes we sit in our garden chairs then the chill begins to make itself known.

We'll soon start putting things away
and maybe even do some cutting back.  But I have to say that I think I'm enjoying this unsupervised garden left to its own devices.  

In bocca al lupo.  m & v


  1. Love those ginko leaves. I can't believe that you still have tomatoes, wow! Do you have any basil? I might need a leaf or big deal if you don't. I guess I'm one of the famous 47% moochers, ha! m-e

    1. Yes! Basil! We harvested once and it's come back up. Mooch all you want! m:)

  2. These photos, especially the one with the light shining through the leaf, look contest winning worthy!