Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another Update

Chemo update. 

 v has begun the third round of chemo.  Last round they added an additional chemo drug which he continued this round.  He'll be having a scan at the end of this round to determine whether he continues, or (hopefully) if he can begin what we've been told would be maintenance. He still has his hair, though it's a bit thinner.  We are encouraged by his continued gain of strength and endurance.  His appetite is good and he has no difficulty with eating and swallowing.  

Yesterday we joined our shift at the aquarium for their weekly update and education.  Everyone was very happy to see him after so many weeks away.  He was greeted with hugs and claps on the shoulder.  We took an abbreviated tour of the aquarium itself for v to check his energy level to see if he might be up to a return.  Not yet.  A lot of walking is involved. It's a large facility.  

Last night he accompanied me to a performance of the Monterey Peninsula Flute Choir.  I'm doing some photography for them. They were performing at Asilomar as part of the annual Christmas at the Inns event in Pacific Grove.   We're planning on joining them for another performance this week, Friday, December 7, at the Monterey Museum of Art in downtown Monterey for another great annual Christmas event: Christmas in the Adobes.

The Inns event features the Victorian Inns of Pacific Grove and the Adobes is a gorgeous tour of the old adobes of Monterey dating back to 1756.  Some of these adobes are only opened to the public for this event, others are in continuous use as commercial establishments.  They are all beautiful.

Early December is the time to visit the Monterey Peninsula and join in the festivities, and always leave time to travel up Hwy 101 to San Juan Bautista for the pageant at the old mission put on by El Teatro Campesino.  We do Christmas pretty nicely here on the Central Coast.

In bocca al lupo.  m & v


  1. Sounds like you do Christmas beautifully!
    Much love to you and V.

    1. Thank you. No matter what kind of year we have, Christmas is always special here. m&v