Thursday, December 6, 2012

Flannel Sheets and Coming Home

Ah! Finally the weather has turned cool enough to change over to the flannel sheets! Soft flannel sheets that have been folded and stored in the blanket chest with bags of lavender.  They smell so good and they are so snuggly.  It's also time to add the wool blanket to the bedding as well.  Flannel sheets and the wool blanket and a really good book to read at bedtime. Winter is coming.  We're ready to hibernate like dormice. 

Of course, the Central Coast isn't as cold as so many other places.  The higher elevations get snow occasionally, but I doubt anyone around here even owns a snow shovel unless they use it for something other than shoveling snow.  I saw more snow in Southern California.  That was because where I lived was surrounded by mountains.  One only had to look up and there was the snow.  v spent several years in Connecticut after coming to this country.  He knows snow.

I wonder about his first impressions of the snow and the cold.  He arrived in this country in the month of February.  He was flown from Rome to New York to be met by the people who had adopted him, he was nearly twelve years old, spoke no English, had been born in Genoa, raised in orphanages in Florence and Rome and suddenly found himself meeting people who spoke no Italian and lived within a landscape of white.  He tells me that when he came to the little village of Carmel he immediately felt as though he'd finally come back home. I think we must all have that little inner compass that tells us where "home" is. Not everyone heeds it. 

In bocca al lupo.  m & v

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