Friday, December 21, 2012

We're Still Here

After three cycles of chemotherapy v has improved.  We are so happy and thankful for this news from the doctor.  His largest tumor has decreased in size by 50% and other sites have either decreased or stabilized.  He starts another three cycles on Monday morning.  We are ready.

We are also tired today.  v is now on antibiotics for a sinus infection.  It saps his energy.  I discovered that I can no longer tolerate a cup of coffee at all hours as I once had done.  Life is constant learning and I learned that having a warmed up cup of coffee at bedtime is not the same as a nice cup of peppermint tea. I did get a lot of thinking and planning accomplished as I gazed out the window into the starry night sky.  I was privileged, and thrilled, to catch sight of a shooting star at about 2:30 this morning.  I even had the alertness to make my wish as it arced across the sparkling sky, thanks to my bedtime cuppa. I had only the most momentary concern that, perhaps, I was witnessing the beginning cataclysm I've been hearing about with the Mayan Calendar predictions.  

We're still here.

In bocca al lupo.  m & v

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