Monday, December 31, 2012

Day #366

Here it has come, the final day of the year.  This is where we ought to contemplate the past 365 days (this being day 366).  What did this year give us?

For v and I; we were reminded of what wonderful, loving and generous friends we have.  This year also returned to me an old, and dear friend I'd lost contact with. 

We also lost two of our longtime companions, Hannah and, I must inform, Agatha, the 100-year-old cat who  went peacefully in her sleep on a warm afternoon in October.  Hannah, who once topped out at 125 lbs, ate organically and inorganically, was repeatedly warned of a premature death due to her weight and peculiar dietary preferences, and lived to an advanced age (16 years) for such a large dog.  When Hannah arrived at our home as a small, bewildered puppy, she was immediately adopted by Agatha who never ceased to care for her, groom her, and worry over her despite their size and species differences. Agatha was just a hair's breadth away from 20 years old, an agoraphobic who graciously accepted v into her life despite his insistence that she take advantage of fresh air, at least, daily.

There are so many other things mentioned in this blog, and not, that came to, or left us this year, but I've mentioned the most important: Friends and Family.

We're not much for New Year's Eve celebrations. Monterey puts on First NIght, we always think about going...But what we look forward to is New Year's day and The Gathering.  We open our home to our friends to come by to share some black-eyed peas and rice, wine, cheese, and long conversations into the night.  This is how we welcome the coming year.

Happy New Year! Bring it on!

In bocca al lupo.  m & v