Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beach Walking

December on Carmel Beach.  v is feeling so well now that we can resume our walks.  I love walking on this beach or along the walk above it.  It's a beautiful beach. We were married here.

Oddly, today we didn't have much company, there were only a handful of people walking along.  Mostly locals with their dogs.  It's a very dog friendly beach.  We used to bring Hannah with us.  She wasn't much for getting wet, but she enjoyed the companionship of the other dogs.  

On one of our walks with her we were joined by a beautiful chocolate lab. The two of them became instant friends sharing in a happy game of fetch.  After playing this game for about a quarter of a mile, the lab thought it was time for a swim.  He ran straight into the surf splashing and leaping.  Hannah stopped dead and stood staring at him.  He barked a couple of friendly invitations for her to join him. She turned and trotted back to us, not giving him a backwards glance.  He came out of the water and ran over to encourage her to join him.  She had nothing more to do with him for the rest of the walk.  He finally gave up and headed, dejectedly, back in the direction we'd come.  

Our treat before heading home, a trip to the library and a cup of coffee on Ocean Blvd.

In bocca al lupo.  m & v

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